Meet Morgan


You've made it to my creative happy place.  I'm so glad you stopped by!!  

I'm Morgan. I'm a wife, a boy mom, and a lover of all things fall.  I'm a midwest girl who is learning to love each new season of my own past 10 years saw me planted in California and Texas and Illinois, I've worked in healthcare and as a full-time mama. I'm learning that no matter where life places me, each season has a purpose and a great joy to be learned and cherished. 
I love to sing, to read, and to write. I'm addicted to chocolate (especially ice cream!), and I'm on a life-long hunt for the perfect cup of coffee. I
can't get enough of leaves that turn in the fall, thunderstorms on summer evenings, and roughhousing with big fluffy dogs.
I am married to my best friend, Matt.  We met at age 6 and spent over a dozen years in trusted friendship before we finally realized that romance was a possibility. He is my rock...and the one who dares me to dream big and fulfilling dreams.  He is also an amazing daddy to our little boys. Having children has made me realize more than ever how quickly life changes, and how desperately I want to remember every moment.  

Pictures of my past and my family are my most prized possessions.  They help me to remember what was and better appreciate what is. 


I try to remember my mother three decades younger, the one who pressed her nose into my forehead when I was 2 years old.  I re-experience the butterflies I felt when my handsome new boyfriend put his arms around me and squeezed me into that laughing hug.  I return to my welling eyes and the way my heart was flying as my dad smiled that heartbreaking smile while he walked me down the aisle.  I inhale the sweet newborn smell and remember how fragile and full of gratitude we felt just 5 days into our journey as parents.  I hear my grandpa's laugh after he was declared the victor at our family game day…and I cherish that photo as the last I have to document his time on earth.  I remember the terror and wonder of life in the NICU with my second precious baby...and the way I couldn't hold back the flood of joy I felt as we finally put him in his big brother's arms and got our first picture as a family of four almost a month later. 

These moments are the reason that photographs matter.  
They are why I feel so called to capture authentic memories for others.  
They are what quicken my spirit and call me into the fields, into the city streets, into the homes around me to capture what is true, precious, and fleeting, and to preserve it for all time. 

my life in pictures: